The Tru-Brix Thin Brick fa├žade system is a modern interpretation of a classic look utilizing eye catching finishes to create uniquely styled buildings. The Tru-Brix System can be incorporated into virtually any wall system ranging from light commercial metal stud walls to Insulated Metal Panels, to Curtain wall systems, to prefabricated walls. The Tru-Brix tile are made from real brick manufactured by Belden Brick Inc. and/or Redland Brick Inc., for this reason the wide range of colors and textures that are available in addition to the ability to match custom colors is amazing. We specialize in doing the difficult features, shapes and designs that are not possible with other thin brick methods. When combined with the strength of the components and these components being attached mechanically, Tru-Brix is more versatile and stronger than any other method of applying thin brick to virtually any structure

Tru-brix with various wall systems.

Technical Data
Weight 11.5 PSF
Brick Sizes 2-3/4" Hx7-5/8" Lx1" T (Engineer Size) 2-3/4" Hx8-1/2" Lx1" T (Williamsburg Size) 2-1/4" Hx7-5/8" Lx1" T (Modular Size)
Brick Coursing 2-3/4" (Oversize) Rails: 5 Courses = 16 Inches Adjusts up to: 5 Courses = 16-5/8 Inches 2-1/4" (Modular) Rails: 3 Courses = 8 Inches Adjusts up to: 3 Courses = 8-3/8 Inches
Brick Specifications ASTM C216 Face Brick Grade SW (Severe Weathering) ASTM C1088 Thin Brick Grade Exterior (Severe Weathering)
Mortar ASTM C270 Type N Mortar Cement with polymer additives for work-ability and durability. ASTM C144 sand is included in the 80lb. bags.
Steel Holding Rails 0.027" HDG, Commercial CS Type B, Non-Chemical Treated, Minimum Spangle, Smooth, Cold Roll Formed G-90 Galvanizing. 50-Year Proprietary protective coating
Anchors Type 1: #10 Polymer coated Wood Screws 1" to 2-1/2" Type 2: Self-tapping Polymer coated Metal screws 1" to 1-1/2" Type 3: Concrete and Masonry Screws 1" to to 2-1/2" Type 4: RSS-approved anchors for special applications
Building Wrap Vapor permeability 10 perms per ASTM E96 Procedure A. Vapor transmission 73 g/m2 /24hrs per ASTM E96 Procedure A/B Air Leakage/Resistance 0.03 cfm/ft2 @ 75Pa Water resistance > 60 minutes per ASTM D779 Water Resistance "Pass" per ASTM E331 Fire ratings; Flame Spread < 25FSI and Smoke ASTM E84
Flashing Self-adhesive PVC 20 mil
Fire Rating Adds only Non-combustible materials to rated walls (See Building Wrap)
pdficon_large Tru-Brix Testing Data I
pdficon_large Tru-Brix Testing Data II
Contains testing data for:
AAMA 501.5 - Thermal Cycling of Exterior Walls
ASTM E283- Air Leakage
ASTM E330-Structural Performance
ASTM E331-Water Penetration

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